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7 Tips to Boost Your Immunity Naturally against Covic-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has exerted a heavy toll worldwide – specifically on the front lines fighting the virus – health care professionals. As a result of viral exposure, as doctors, we are at greater threat of ailment and also long hours looking after patients with health problems. Boosting your immune health and wellness, by taking […]

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Treating sinus problems with acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Sinus problems plague many people, whether from allergies, food intolerance, or lingering infections, and can lead to headaches, facial pain and pressure, and ear blockage. Many of the patients in South Florida, report an increase in sinus problems and symptoms in the spring and summer. In Chinese medicine terms, this is not surprising, as Florida’s […]

Benefits of Massage

A Beneficial Regimen Receiving therapeutic massage on a regular basis has proven to be beneficial in the reduction of stress. Once a week is optimal. However, a bi-weekly or once-a-month regimen will accomplish a satisfactory level of stress reduction. The tremendous benefits derived from a program of regularly scheduled therapeutic massage sessions can easily justify [...]
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Massage For HIV Positive Children

Massage For HIV Positive Children helps preserve the immune systems of HIV-positive children who do not have access to antiretroviral medication, according to recent research. “Massage Treatment in HIV-1 Infected Dominican Children: A Preliminary Report on the Efficacy of Massage Therapy to Preserve the Immune System in Children without Antiretroviral Medication” was conducted by staff […]