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What our Clients have said

Graduated Student jim-snider

Jim Snider, Group 30

/UW Strength & Conditioning Coach/

East-West Healing Arts has a curriculum that is unmatched in allowing for a complete healing experience. The vast array of Eastern techniques along with Western allow for me to apply these methods to help in the physical preparation of athletes, from the ability to clear movement restrictions, recovery and energetic healing all the way to herbals. East-West will help you to perform at a higher level.


Kathleen Connery, Group 29

Upon graduating high school I knew that East West Healing Arts Institute was the right fit for me. It met all my criteria and more. It didn’t just provide me with the adequate amount of skills to become a therapist, but molded me into a healer. The feeling of a family-like environment with the staff and teachers created bonds and friendships to last a lifetime, while still maintaining professionalism. The teachers were warm and welcoming to the students, in and out of the classroom, answering any question or concern. Their main goal is to help us thrive in this business and STAY in this business.

Graduated Student Lisa-Zeman

Lisa Zeman, Group 26

Pinnacle Massage, LLC

My time at East-West can best be summed up in one word: family. Everyone here, be it an instructor, someone in the office or Dr. Zhou and his family made me feel like an asset to the school. I felt like I was important and they WANTED me to succeed.
There was always a helping hand or an ear to listen. You will not find a more dedicated staff. I couldn’t dream of having attended anywhere else! Best of luck to you. You will succeed with East-West in your corner!


Tasha Bynum

East-West Instructor Owner, Sacred Rhythms

I have never questioned my decision to attend East West. What a gift it was to learn from experienced health professionals, all of whom taught with confidence, compassion, enthusiasm and skill. They brought ‘real-world’ experiences and stories to the classroom.
My internship and employment with Dr. Zhou was most influential in how I practice today. I blossomed as a therapist under his wing. I learned valuable lessons from client-patient interactions and customer service to time management and maintaining balance in this heart-centered business we are in.
Most importantly – I would do it all over again! I am grateful to be a part of East-West, as an alumnus and an instructor.


Heidi Aschenbrenner, Group 25

Attending East-West Healing Arts Institute was a life changing experience for me. I decided to pursue an interest in massage and Chinese Medicine somewhat on a whim, not knowing where it would lead, and I have developed a passion for bodywork and the healing that comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the ancient philosophies behind it. I believe that the experience prompted much growth and cleansing in my own life, and it opened up doors so that now I am combining my business skills with my passion for the healing arts by owning a massage therapy business here in Madison. I think East-West offers a unique and transformational experience and I highly recommend it to anyone considering working in the field of massage therapy or bodywork, or who would just like to be transformed. Thank you, East-West and Dr. Zhou!


Stacey Seacord-Peters, Group 23

I’m so thankful for the education I received at East-West Healing Arts Institute. After learning about the body-mind-spirit philosophy of East-West Healing Arts Institute, I knew this was the school for me. I’m so proud of the knowledge gained and excited about future opportunities available to me.

Graduated Student Mitch

Mitch Lawver, Group 22

I feel totally prepared to exceed the expectations of my clients. East-West Healing Arts Institute gave me the tools I needed to differentiate myself in the field. I am grateful for the great education Dr. Zhou and the instructors provided to me.


Feiyan Hagar, Group 19

All instructors teach lunging and bodyweight to improve body mechanics during massage. Importantly, one of my supervisors told me to work with feeling. The Eastern techniques such as Thai massage, Zen Shiatsu, Tui Na and acupressure are most valuable to my work. I always tell people I do Chinese massage because this is unique practice in this area.



The school is wonderful. Dr. Zhou is the best. That’s why I came here. I wanted to learn the real techniques [of Chinese medicine]. The students, the teachers, the courses – they were all so good. I don’t know what I liked best. I liked them all!


Julie, Group 15

We are on the edge of a new and exciting health care industry. Eastern and Western modalities in medicine and massage are beginning to merge and East-West Healing Arts Institute puts you right at the forefront.


Ryan, Group 11

My experience at East-West Healing Arts has opened new pathways for my life that I had never imagined before. I’m more in tune with my own body as well as having a deeper understanding of the human body in general from an Eastern and Western perspective. As a result of the split curriculum, I feel that I have gained a strong foundation for building confidence as a massage therapist. Moreover, clients really appreciate the combination Eastern and Western techniques I use during a massage.