Continuing Education

2018 Continuing Education Website Grid & Course Descriptions Course Title# Continuing Education CreditsInstructorCourse Date(s)Course Time(s)CostEarly Bird Pricing Sotai I6Donna Boucher Sun 9/8/19 10am-5pm $150 $119 If register by 8/18/19 Sotai II 6Donna Boucher Sun 9/15/19 10am-5pm $150 $119 If register by 8/25/19 *"All advertising and publications (e.g. catalog) referencing ABHES accreditation clearly state that such [...]

Benefits of Massage

A Beneficial Regimen Receiving therapeutic massage on a regular basis has proven to be beneficial in the reduction of stress. Once a week is optimal. However, a bi-weekly or once-a-month regimen will accomplish a satisfactory level of stress reduction. The tremendous benefits derived from a program of regularly scheduled therapeutic massage sessions can easily justify [...]
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Massage and Healing Touch Ease Cancer Symptoms

Massage therapy and healing touch reduced pain, mood disturbance (anger, anxiety, depression, confusion) and fatigue in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, according to a recent study. “Therapeutic Massage and Healing Touch Improve Symptoms in Cancer” was conducted by staff at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and United Hospital Department of Integrative Health in St. Paul, […]

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Improving Concentration with These Brain Supplements

Improving concentration level can really help you a lot, regardless of whether you are a college student studying for your upcoming semester, have a kid suffering from ADHD, or a part of the workforce competing for promotion. There is probably no one among us who did not experience ‘brain fog’ in life ever.