What are your faculty qualifications?

We take faculty qualifications very seriously. We believe in having our students learning from experts in the field. We welcome you to take a look at our faculty and their qualifications in the addendum to the catalog.

What is TuiNa?

TuiNa is Chinese Medical Massage. It is one of the highlights of our program. TuiNa integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Acupressure, and Massage to form one of the oldest and most effect methods of massage available. TuiNa is recognized as a modern medical modality with doctoral level education available in China today.

Why are there so many Student Clinic Hours?

Massage is a hands-on profession. At East West, you are learning massive amounts of information each week. Student Clinic is where theory translates to practice. East West begins technique classes on Day 1 of class and continues teaching techniques through the duration of the program. All of those techniques need time to be practiced! We bring you through 3 phases of clinic. In the first phase, you learn the art of giving a basic massage while practicing the communication and professionalism required in the profession. Phase 2 focuses on perfecting techniques and point location leading to a therapeutic massage session. After perfecting techniques, you can then begin phase 3 which brings you to a medical level, where you are able to design massage sessions based on medical conditions and work towards developing your personality as a massage therapist. During each massage session, a clinic supervisor checks in on you to answer any questions or address any techniques that you may want to work on. This one-on-one clinic time with a Licensed Massage Therapist is invaluable to your massage training.