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Massage is a hands-on profession. At East West, you are learning massive amounts of information each week. Student Clinic is where theory translates to practice. East West begins technique classes on Day 1 of class and continues teaching techniques through the duration of the program. All of those techniques need time to be practiced! We bring you through 3 phases of clinic. In the first phase, you learn the art of giving a basic massage while practicing the communication and professionalism required in the profession. Phase 2 focuses on perfecting techniques and point location leading to a therapeutic massage session. After perfecting techniques, you can then begin phase 3 which brings you to a medical level, where you are able to design massage sessions based on medical conditions and work towards developing your personality as a massage therapist. During each massage session, a clinic supervisor checks in on you to answer any questions or address any techniques that you may want to work on. This one-on-one clinic time with a Licensed Massage Therapist is invaluable to your massage training.