Afternoon Slump Tips to increase concentration
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How Can You Get Over the Afternoon Slump and feel energetic again by doing a specific technique for few seconds or change your eating habits?

Do you feel sleepy at work?

Tips to increase concentration & productivity and beat afternoon slump.


Your goal: Beat fatigue, reduce tension headaches, and improve vision

Your move: A gentle workout for the eye muscles

Imagine your peepers are like the hands of a clock. When you read (something many people do all day long at work) you move your eyes from 9:00 to 3:00, back and forth, over and over. To relax those baby blues, try a gentle change of pace. Start by looking up to 12:00, gently hold for a few seconds while you breathe and relax. Then move to 1:00. At each position on your “eye clock” pause to relax and breathe deeply. When you have reached 12:00 again, repeat the exercise counterclockwise. Notice how clear your vision is and how that facial tension and headache just tick, tick, tick away!


Your goal: Maintain your energy all day long

Your move: Regular mental and physical breaks

Nobody’s a machine, so don’t force yourself to work like one. Try every hour to stand up and walk away from the computer. Every 2-3 hours, take a brisk walk for about 10-15 minutes. Walk around the office building, climb the stairs or even stash a jump rope in your office. These quick moves keep the blood flowing to your brain, and prevent that logy feeling.


Your goal: Get some air and save some money

Your move: Hit the road when it’s time to eat

Here’s a no-brainer: walk to pick up your food instead of driving or having it delivered. (If the weather is nice, sit outside and enjoy.) Or bring food from home and use your lunch break to walk in the fresh air. Every time you brown bag it, take $5 or $10 and stick it an envelope. It adds up! You’ll be able to use that money to go to your favorite restaurant on the weekend or buy a new outfit.


Your goal: Perk up or calm down whenever you need it

Your move: An ancient deep-breathing exercise that really works

Beat Afternoon Slump by alternating nostril breathing called “harmonize the sun & moon,” increases oxygen to the brain, helps balance the emotions, and can ward off anxiety and depression. Just press your finger to one nostril while you inhale or exhale through the other. It goes like this: inhale right nostril (left is closed), exhale left nostril (right is closed), inhale left nostril (right is closed) exhale right nostril (left is closed). It only takes a few rounds to feel the difference- give it a try!


Your goal: Increase concentration, reduce tension

Your move: Self-massage – a quick way to perk up

There are many points on the surface of the body that have been shown to be effective to wake the mind and improve concentration and effectively beat the afternoon slump. A set of 5 points surrounding the top of the head can be stimulated by lightly tapping the top of the head for one to three minutes. A point located on the fleshy part of the skin between the thumb and index finger can be stimulated by applying moderate pressure for one minute to reduce facial tension and relieve headaches.