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Massage Schools Guide now provides the essential information any massage therapist will need to fully understand the licensing requirements, if any, for every state.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 19, 2010 ) Philadelphia, PA – Based on the increasing number of states in the U.S. enacting formal licensing requirements for massage therapists, Massage Schools Guide has published current massage licensing requirements for massage therapists in all 50 states.

In recent years, more individual states, and many municipalities, have developed specific criteria for the public practice of massage therapy. These criteria may include the need for a state license and requirements that massage therapists meet specific certification standards. The goal of massage therapist licensing is to ensure that the public can be confident and feel secure that a therapist promoting massage services is recognized by a governing authority as qualified to provide those services.

“There are currently 43 states that have licensing requirements,” states Terry McDermott, administrator of Massage Schools Guide. “Five states have pending legislation so, essentially, licensing is mandatory in virtually every state. But each state has slightly different requirements and the application procedures are unique for each state. We want to be a complete resource for anyone considering, or active in, a career as a massage therapist and
licensing information is a key component of these resources.”

What Massage Schools Guide provides

An individual page has been built for each state which includes:

• A general overview of the licensing requirements.
• Physical address, phone number, website address and email address of licensing body.
• Links to rules and regulations.
• Links to applications and key documents.

“Our goal is to provide either the specific massage licensing-related information or easy access to that information,” says McDermott. “Prospective massage therapy school students need solid data so they can make an informed decision about their education that puts them in the best possible situation for a successful career.”

About Massage Schools Guide: Massage Schools Guide ( is a leading online directory of top massage therapy schools in the United States. The website features profiles of individual schools, admissions procedures and financial aid information. The site also offers descriptions of various massage therapy techniques along with career resources and licensing and certification standards.

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