Are You Continuing Your Education?

Please respond to the following:

Instruction: Consider each item separately and rate each item independently of all others.

Circle or highlight the rating that indicates the extent to which you agree with each statement. Please do not skip any item. 5=Strong Agree 4=Agree 3=Acceptable 2=Disagree 1=Strongly Disagree

1. I was informed if there were any credentialing requirements to work in the field.
2.The classroom/laboratory portions of the program adequately prepared me for my present position
3. The clinical portion of the program adequately prepared me for my present position.
4.My instructors were knowledgeable in the subject matter and relayed this knowledge to the class clearly.
5.Upon completion of my classroom training, an extenship site was available to me, if applicable
6.I would recommend this program/institution to friends or family members.
Did the program meet your expectations?:
Were you satisfied with our program: